Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Several ideas for summer decoration in white

Whatever style of furniture you prefer to see these ideas to help you can give your home a refreshing appearance, perfect for summer.

The exact white color
Spring green hues of fresh flowers and muted sand tones of the old kind of accessories to help recreate a rustic charm in this room. Tablecloths can easily be removed and laundered if they are dirty.

Entirely in white

   As inspiration for the color scheme in the bathroom used a handful of shells. The fabric of the curtains was light as a breeze, and the brightness of the white tiles adds a sink and chrome faucet.

Elegance in White
    The white color in this room is interrupted only by the nuances of flowers and wood. White creates a sense of cool, calm and orderly. Soft shades of white and cream color add interest in the premises until fresh plants help to create a connection between indoor and outdoor space.

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Reflections in mirrors
   Mosaic flooring in this room is just the starting point of the color scheme that is implemented entirely in white. Strategically place mirrors add sparkle and reflect light from the windows. Bench by the window and decorative pillows add even more texture to the design.

Add contrast
    Crank white color scheme, adding a contrasting color. In this room saturated white chocolate tint makes it look more impressive and refined. A few pink accessories add more interest.

White and cream colored
    The beauty of the design entirely in white comes from the shapes and shadows. Curves and circles in this room connected collection of white ceramics with other elements in the room - chairs, table, cups and even the face of a clock.

White neutral color
Although the color scheme of this house is pale, each containing neutral upholstery textures that cover visual pollution and wear fabrics that are characteristic of every house with children. The details of the furniture add extra interest and texture to the room.

Light and bright

This Victorian style apartment is transformed with the addition of a modern atmosphere. Solid white wooden architectural elements of the fireplace shelf and a calming effect. The beautiful furniture can be quickly changed depending on whether you want to be near the warmth of the fireplace or the natural light coming through the windows.