Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas tree: from classic elegance to

Whatever you choose a Christmas tree - real or artificial - it certainly should be decorated. In order, however, the result of your efforts really delightful, desirable beach lined by cypress decoration is entirely in one style. This can be achieved much easier than it seems at first glance. Here are some interesting examples:

Tree in classic style
The main decoration in classic laconic tree is the colors and shapes. Use combinations of traditional Christmas colors and classic decorations fir - balls, ribbons and garlands. For example: only red balls and airy silver tinsel, gold balls only, red garlands and red Christmas lights, silver balls and thin pink garlands. It seems pretty simple, but this variant which combine two or at most three colors, always looks very stylish and beautiful.

Retro tree
Retro style has never lost its relevance and is ideal for holiday home design. You just have to find old toys fir, which are decorated tree in his childhood, and make yourself some garlands of colored paper, lace, feathers and beads. In search of inspiration, you can refer to a period - for example, 20s or 60s of last century. Retro tree looks very interesting and his home and end her your whole family will feel comfortable in the evenings and holidays.

Elegant Christmas Tree
Why not! Pink ribbons, velvet ribbons, large and bright crystals, artificial pearls and a small flashing lights - and your tree is very elegant and very festive. This Christmas tree is a wonderful option for meeting the holidays in female company.

Tree in eastern style

Here are the main colors are red and gold. You will need a red taffeta ribbons, paper lanterns, red and gold balls. In branches with red string to hang and traditional Chinese coins and talismans for luck and happiness.

Christmas decoration according to Feng Shui


Tree with delicious
Return to the Christmas traditions of the eighteenth century, when the beach lined by cypress decoration was not only beautiful, but very tasty. At that time the tree is recited with rich sweets, candies, nuts and fruits. Pet biscuits, suitable for holiday forms, can become extremely memorable and favorite Christmas tree decorations for both your family and for your guests.