Monday, 27 May 2013

Apartment-style Rococo

Rococo style appears in the first half of the 18th century. This era is characterized by a carefree life in the French court, which has contributed to the emergence of the elegant and frivolous items to furniture. After France Rococo style spread in Western and Central Europe and Russia.
During the Rococo appear dresser with mirror, drawer and with many hiding places in which women keep their secrets. Are born, new forms of upholstered furniture: couch (sofa, in the form of several related seats) lounges, deep soft chairs. All are after the ladies' dresses are very colorful and bulky. Recognizing that artists began to create furniture that enable the women to feel comfortable and comfortable in them.
 One of the main components in the interior is gorgeous Rococo gilded mirror frame is placed over the marble fireplace on the upper part are arranged all kinds of porcelain figurines, clocks, candlesticks, lacquered boxes and other trinkets. Another feature of the Rococo style is the arrangement of furniture in certain groups (table, sofa and several chairs), the principles of asymmetry, thereby creating a sort of "communication points".
You will see pictures of apartment, created by architect Igor Gremitsky. Its location in St. Petersburg, Russia. Light exquisite interior features a compositional asymmetry, imbued with the spirit of intimacy and designed to provide maximum comfort.


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