Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Unique wallpaper for decorating

One of the modern trends of the interior is decorated in black and white. Wallpaper in black and white minimalist look and loads vision. An idea for black and white wallpaper provides Mr. Perswall. They are the "alphabet" art and look great. You can apply this idea popular black and white in your home.


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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Luxury villa in Kata Noi Beach

     Rounded hills covered with tropical vegetation extending along the coastline. Located high among them is the luxury villa overlooking the beach of Kata Noi and the Andamanovo Sea. The luxurious design of the villa offers everything - security, privacy, luxury and comfort. The villa is beautifully situated and practical, so avoid direct heat of the tropical sun in the afternoon peak hours. Bedroom and balcony offer unforgettable views of beautiful scenery.
The villa has a top designer kitchen, five large bedrooms, two classrooms, a large spacious living room. Bathrooms and therapy rooms in the villa with king size.
These pictures could inspire new design ideas.
Lavish Living Room Design
Living Room Design
Kitchen Design
Dining Room Design
Guest Bedroom Design
Bedroom Design
Bathroom Design

Monday, 19 December 2011

Beautiful decorations for the bedroom windows, curtains

Whether you are looking for a romantic atmosphere, blinds to control sunlight or windows you just want to look good, design experts offer 7 beautiful decorations on windows.   
 For a luxurious and romantic atmosphere in your boudoir, designer Sharon McCormick offers to pamper yourself with silk drapes in soft shades of blue and green. Add pleats, tassels, crystals, beads or buttons for greater luxury. For your peace of mind can slip and blinds.
In models designer Kati Curtis combines simple sheer fabrics with thick curtains. Transparent materials remain lowered during the day and allow the room light to enter. At night thick curtains descend to isolate noise and keep the room dark to be able to sleep better.
Choose a suitable for your room and wall moldings, which hang thick curtains, long floor to ceiling. Chicago designer Mary Susan Bicicchi creates a unique feeling in his bedroom by combining black and white patterns.
To soften the atmosphere and add a dimension of the window in the bedroom, the California designer Lada Webster relies on several layers of curtains. She offers this combination to create an original look and character of the room.
Designer Sharon McCormick prefers curtains that are hung on large wooden curtain rods with metal edges. You can add more individuality to the design of the windows by selecting such a crystal curtain or cloth decoration.
Designer Rick Thompson proposes to stop the choice of iron curtain, and combine them with mixed curtains. The upper part they are solid, and at the bottom - of openwork fabric that allows light to enter your room and make it more enjoyable.
 Add detail to the cheerful decor of your bedroom by adding a simple rectangular fabric, reinforced with ornaments. So your bedroom will become a bright and welcoming room. Combine decorative pillows with color fabric to make the room more attractive.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Beautiful and comfortable modern home in London

In London there are many beautiful houses. One of them is this - a luxurious and elegant interior. The house has large rooms and tall windows. All rooms are furnished with a lot of fantasy while and are functionally arranged.
There are several fireplaces, some decorated, some with more rigorous design.
 Very interesting is the dining room table with gold, with fine craftsmanship and original especially transparent chairs.
The kitchen is large and bright and very comfortable.
   Sleeping on the floor with sloped ceiling and walls in the same white color, and furniture are wearing the same color fabric. Some of the rooms pass one another. Thus everywhere seem more spacious and welcoming.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Luxury contemporary design bedrooms / beds

Life becomes more dynamic and fast paced. To unload the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day is needed quality rest. So in modern bedroom comfort is a necessity, not a luxury.

Contemporary Float Bed
This unique bed is made in Portugal of dark wood. It seems to fly in the air. Complete with comfortable bed are bedside tables that can be placed near the bed.
Adam Wall Bed
This bed in the wall is very suitable for small spaces. During the day it is a comfortable sofa in the evening just a jerk is a double bed.

Modern Glass Bed
The elegant bedroom is made of tempered glass and stainless steel and meets the current trends.

French Contemporary Bed
These beautiful French bedroom furniture offer comfort and a little antique atmosphere. Complicated inscription mahogany bed playing authentic Louis XV.

Indira Modern Bed
This modern bed in a minimalist style.
Greg Contemporary Bed
This modern bed with its low flat design and a thick sofa back as retro feeling back in each bedroom.