Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Living room – Hulsta

Hallmark of the new collection of  living room Hulsta for 2010 is sleek, designed and constructed a large wooden Hulsta draft day inspire a sense of compact and still is spacious and modern.

Furniture is in good position is the natural order. Hulsta intelligent use of space for a large living room opens fluidity.
Most of this mega project living room features wooden shelves lined with leaving room for books, television and your WiFi systems ready to fill it.

Hulsta also offer two new colors, which allows more heat to that living room designs, both are sand polished color and brilliance structured beech.

Clean carefully crafted and flat surfaces have become the main focus on the precise geometric design.

Hulsta certainly created the rest of day. It is usually a luxury for this life Hulsta 2010 collection room.