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How to renovate the interior of the home in a modern Asian style

How to renovate the interior of the home in a modern Asian style
Asian-style decor is very modern and elegant. It is also known as oriental style.
To create an antique Asian decor is not difficult. You just have to select real or imitation luxury Asian antique furniture and put some Asian prints of flowers.

Luxury Asian lifestyle, living room with fireplace, wooden painting table and sofa furniture
Oriental home decorations add a sense of exotic sophistication, combined with wealth and luxury all over the place. They are simple, yet elegant and functional. They bring vitality and viability of the entire area and the bedroom - a quiet and peaceful.

Colours play an important role when it comes to decorating the rooms in the Asian style. They complement and provide a living and ethnic character of the place. While red and black are the most popular colors for Chinese style, Japanese-style decor natural tones of brown, gray and tan are the most popular.

Luxurious bedrooms and bathroom with modern furniture

Gold, blue, yellow and green give the basic shape. You can paint the walls in each of the colors or use a wallpaper that is oriental oriented.

The ideal material for Asian decor mostly revolves around the tree and shiny fabrics. The main characteristics of an Asian house are oriented around the bamboo, whether in terms of furniture, photo frames, window awnings or chests and dressers. A Japanese-style decor to include very light and surfaces of paper and natural stones.
Luxurious Asian style bathroom with gold-sink, lamp, light and color
Nature Green
Adding leaves and plants in the interior increased sense for comfort. They not only add visual beauty and magnificence, but also deliver the artistic sense of each person. While in a house in the Chinese style will most likely have bamboo in small or large pots, decorated with gold and red tassels, the Japanese-style house will find a bonsai.

Complex equipment
Asian homes are usually small, so use a few utilities of the furniture is normal. This leads to the possibility of a stylish house in minimum space with maximum comfort. For example, instead of putting a couch and bed, Futon is comfortable in Japanese homes. During the day may be used for seating by night it turns into bed. A wooden chest of drawers with many other examples. Not only are stored various articles, but also used as a table.
Modern Asian style bed with Asian-style lamps and bed, bedroom furniture
Oriental Carpets
The flooring is another important aspect to be done decorating the room in Asian style. Whether it comes to rugs, carpets or floor coverings. Flooring is an essential part of Asian decor. In Japanese tatami room can be found, while in the Chinese style will see beautiful colors of wool rugs that decorate the home.

Style of windows depends mainly on the decor of the room as a whole. If the room has a complex design, the windows will be simple and basic. However, if the room is just under neutral color palette windows can be decorated. For a Japanese appearance just enough fabric curtains or bamboo or wooden blinds for your home. For Chinese textile interior curtains and tassels of the window will best suit the style.

Asian aquarium design for living rooom and stylish furniture

Asian contemporary luxury living room with antique Asian-sofa, wooden tables and table