Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Living room color trends and tips

Select a color scheme that really highlights your living room is all about the unexpected. Color affects how large or small space feel, whether you want to relax or feel more energetic and much more.

With an almost unlimited range of interior paint colors on the walls from which to choose colors that you choose should fit all of the windows face the direction, shape, height, width and depth of space, style and aesthetic design of your living room design and especially your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Warm tones Inject energy

A wall painted in bright, will create great contrast and a natural focal point in your living room.
The trend in the living room colors, these days is definitely toward the warmer end of the spectrum. Warm shades of mocha and gold, with sensual tones of red and orange for dramatic and energetic living room suitable for entertaining guests.

Warm gold, tan or dark brown are always favorites, a trend that will change soon in the living room colors. Spicy earthy colors like brown, chocolate brown or even rich, dark purple can add drama and energy.

Cool tones soothe the soul

Often the living room is a "front room", located just off the entry, where you can greet guests without exposing a more private rooms of your home. It also typically has large windows and if the windows are facing south gets a lot of direct sunlight. If this describes your living room you may want to consider a theme that characterizes the cooler tones of color, like blue or green.

Neutral tones Hubble Other design elements
Neutral remains one of the most popular color schemes for the design of the room. Light green accents liven this natural but modern living.
  Many people still prefer a neutral white or off white color paint on the wall in your living room. This is a natural choice if you have to display works as a neutral background will not compete with the colors in your paintings, fine art prints or photographs.

Modern interiors are often avoided and bright colors on the walls, allowing the design elements of line, shape and geometry rather than to take center stage.

Bold vibrant colors
 Vibrant orange gives this room a bright, energetic feeling.

Another color trend gaining popularity is the use of bright colors like blue Gulf Stream, gold comb torched luau red or green. If you want your living room, it really appears, with vibrant, highly saturated colors. Bright colors will certainly add interest and zest to your living room design.

A good way to use these colors without turning your living room in the Funhouse Carnival will be to paint one wall a bright color and leave the other white. Use white paint on doors, window trim, moldings and trim crown to create clean, crisp contrast of colors. Black accents can work well with these assertive colors to create contrast, wrought-iron coffee table with glass top for example.

White and black can be emphasized in bold contrast to these bright red cushions.

Earthy browns and tans, reflecting the colors of rock, stone and soil, will be trendy for some time to come.


Vibrant hues against backdrops of deep black and bright white add an energetic, futuristic flair to your living room.

The living room is a place to de-stress and unwind, and color can be an important element in bringing together style and a playful sense of whimsy.

The living room is a place to de-stress and unwind, and color can be an important element in bringing together style and a playful sense of whimsy.

You may not have budget to repaint the entire room, but adding color with paint and a few accent items can go a long way to update the look of your decor.