Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lighting in the home

lighting bathroom interior
     Whatever the interior of a room, the mood that creates depends largely on the light in it. The atmosphere is different depending on the change of light: sunrise, sunny afternoon, sunset, cloudy day or clear night.
stylish dining room lighting
 To obtain the desired effect by lighting in a home are required some basic technical knowledge. No need to experiment, to be consecrated a room in an original way, it is necessary and creative.
modern red lamps ideas
From a technical standpoint, we describe light as electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 380 and 780 nanometers (one nanometer equals one billionth of a meter), which reaches the brain through our visual system, so we can see it. Each wavelength is perceived as a color in the violet range (400 nm) in blue, green, orange and red (about 70 0 Nm). The human eye responds to this independent color spectrum and reacts differently to different types of lighting. During the day the eye is sensitive to light in the center of the spectrum (yellow-green - 555nm) and gradually decreases towards the end of the spectrum to disappear completely.
 unique lighting decor living room
 Following this principle, a room will look more spacious when illuminated with light yellow light if it is cold (blue and violet) is considered better than a room with warm colors (orange and red). For better perception of colors and small details, they are suitable bright light. Improper lighting can cause discomfort and even stress. From birth, during growth, one needs 4-5 times more light than as an adult, this need is repeated with increasing age after 50 years. It should be borne in mind that there are many factors that affect visual perception and thus a preference for bright colors, such as latitude, race and culture. Windows are an essential tool for penetration of natural light in your home during the day and so the size and location affect the atmosphere inside. Should be attached great importance to artificial lighting and harmoniously combine the two sources.
luxury home lighting ideas
  To get into the house a creative and functional lighting must follow certain steps. The first step will be a plan in place a minimum scale 1 / 50. This, in addition to room size (including height) must include information on location, type of walls (resistance or barriers) position, fireplaces, pipes, position and size of furniture and accessories and describe the type of areas: color, reflecting strength. Also taken into account and plants, curtains and carpets.
kitchen style lighting interior
  When you have a comprehensive plan or sketch of the house, draw with crayon on the horizontal (PN floors) or vertically (libraries, paintings, furniture) areas to be illuminated or just highlights. In the same direction from which the paint should come light. This phase is necessary to gain an overview of the number and type of lamps required. You will see that it is easier to meet specific visual effect desired lighting (lamps, chandeliers, neon, applied patches). For example, when sufficient natural light in the room is generally required for assembly, lamp hanging over the table and reading lamp. You can add more specific types of lighting for the atmosphere: to listen to music, talking to friends for dinner. Can create multiple effects in the interior.