Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ideas for interior design of the bathroom

Green-Bathroom-with-the-art furniture and fresh design
Images in magazines, in books and the internet are a great way to gather new ideas for bathroom design. Thus better able to assess what would be best implemented.
Interestingly, a cozy wood-bathroom-design


Another red-fresh bath
Contemporary design bathroom space
Another modern and stylish design bath

Luxurious marble bathroom designer.
You can get a marble and granite tiles or for that matter with different finishes for floors and walls, this is a very good idea because no matter how careful you are, you will always slip on high gloss floor like this at some stage. They are called refined or structured, has improved matte appearance, is structured with slightly raised finish it to the grip. Obviously they do not look so good, but certainly they are required.



Dresser in the bathroom is a very good idea. it must be well lit.