Friday, 4 November 2011

Decorating with style your living room

The walls of the most visible areas in any room decor. Using decorative patterned wallpapers will significantly improve the quality of your living room selected traditional interior design theme.

Classic and contemporary living room with mirror and sofa in black
Wherever possible, use bright colors in your living room. From the living room of the first man in it is important that the guests stay, which can be achieved using only bright colors. All furniture items may have bays, which reflect the general architectural expression is very clear.

Living room in cream tones and light yellow walls
Other accessories, such as tapestries, chandeliers, paintings with traditional styles of painting, which will reflect the great historians, can significantly add traditional ties to the living room, almost immediately.

Living room with armchair and leather stool
If it were not for ideas to fill the mantle, we can supply some support small things, such as art deco mirror with a pair of candles
Living room in black with stool
The complex decoration fireplace completes elegant furniture fireplaces. Using white will improve its luxurious fine furniture art deco. Put a lamp on the side of the fireplace or table lamp in the upper mantle.
Living room in contemporary style with originally carpet

Four securities, we can arrange a fire inside the wall, so that our children can play freely in the fireplace. Do not forget to put a fur rug in a comforting hand. Now you can keep a secret fireplace luxury for your family through this luxury fireplace design ideas Savio Firmino.