Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Luxury modern design houses

   Modern house with complex geometric design

The construction of the modern house, shown below has a complex geometric composition. In the use of geometric forms reminiscent of canvas Georges Braque. The design is such that each room has water views and features a series of pages that intimate and cantilevered decks. It consists of a series of rectilinear volumes each district has not conjoined with transparent longitudinal axis.

The modern design of this house is very flamboyant. The way to connect and distinguish the two dominant stories help to capture the light, adding a sense of inner space. The interior design was done by one of the most famous interior designers.

Interior design ideas that are used throughout the home are a form of vacation home. For all families who live here feel like an endless honeymoon or vacation paradise.
 All interior design ideas are unique and beautiful. The argument is the choice of several beautiful lamps and some rooms have used some form of a pendant lamps as interior design ideas. The exterior is made of many materials including glass, limestone, gypsum and others. Some of these materials are also used in the interior.
The swimming pool is large enough to be the perfect addition to the facilities of this modern home.
Swimming pool landscape garden
 Lavish and luxurious room - room for entertainment
Master bedroom  
Magnificent dining room overlooking the garden and pool

Kitchenette with a small seating area
Luxurious bath of marble and stone
Coffee area outside 

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